Truck Driving Schools: How To Pay For CDL Training

How do you pick from the various types of truck driving schools? Some truck driving schools are free, some are sponsored and other schools you’ll have to pay for yourself. So which one is best for you? The answer depends on how you plan to use the CDL driving skills you’ll be taught. Of course, you will be driving something and presumably you’ll be paid to drive it. 

Paying For Truck Driver Training

If you’ve the cash on hand to invest, you may want to pay for truck driving school out of your own pocket. Doing so allows you to choose the school you want and doesn’t obligate you to work for a specific company. To put it in sports terms, you’re a driver free agent. While you’ll have a lot of employment choices, keep in mind, that some trucking companies do not hire recent graduates without experience.

Tuition Reimbursement For Truck Driving School

The word free gets thrown around a lot with driver training when; in fact, the school is nowhere near free. Trucking companies offering tuition reimbursement like to bend the rules and make you believe it’s free, when in reality you had to pay for the school tuition upfront. It’s a decent option for trucking students with the ability to pay for $4,000 to $8,000 in school tuition. Reimbursement means the trucking company will pay you $100 a month toward tuition as long as you work for them. You’d have to stay a long time with company to get all of your money back. And most trucking company tuition reimburse plans are capped at $2,000 to $3,000. You may not get all the money you paid.

Sponsored Training For Truck Drivers

Facing a driver shortage, many trucking companies have turned to sponsored training to help them hire qualified drivers. Typically, CDL training that is sponsored is 3 to 4 weeks in length and concentrates on the skills and knowledge required to earn a Class A CDL. After school, the trucking company employs the driver in a finishing program that builds upon the skills taught at school and provides real-life experience. Typically, there are no credit history requirements, but you may have to pay enrollments fees. Some trucking companies use a training sponsorship that requires the driver to pay a portion of the tuition.

Government-Funded Training

Lately, many people have been searching for government-funded driver training schools. The reality is that funding for driving job training is both sporadic and varies from area to area. Workforce development programs disperse funds to for a wide-range of career training initiatives and once the funds have been allocated, the money to pay schools is gone until the next round of funds. Another drawback to government-funded training is the use of community colleges with programs tailor to a more typical school semester. That means training for several weeks. In general, to receive CDL training that is government-paid, the agency will have to have funds available to spend, you’ll need to meet the funding qualifications and you’ll need to be prepared for several weeks of training without pay. 

Free Truck Driving Schools

As discussed earlier, free truck driving school is used a lot in advertising and marketing by trucking companies. The requirements and stipulations for free training vary by company. When you talk with a trucking company offering free training, make sure you understand your obligation. There are some free CDL training programs offered that solve two issues – how to pay for trucking school and how to find a job.

The Driver Solutions Plan

Driver Solutions offers free truck driving school with a driver job at either PAM Transport The program offers a complete solution for someone wanting to start a trucking career and needs training. In exchange for a commitment to drive for the trucking company, you’ll receive free CDL training. These trucking jobs earn up to $50,000 the first year and even more with just a few years of experience.  Drive for the company for just 1 year and never pay a dime for school tuition! Learn more about the opportunities with Driver Solutions.

When choosing a truck driving school, remember you have many options for how school is paid for. Find the right opportunity by understanding the differences between tuition reimbursement plans, government-funded school, and sponsored or free training. Once you pick a program, stay focused and give your best effort to make the most of your truck driving school experience.