BEWARE: FMCSA Warns of Truck Driving School Scam - Get Details Here

I read this article on on how the FMCSA is currently warning drivers of truck driving school scams that are going on involving fraudulent “recruiters.”  To sum things up, the CDL driver who is seeking employment is promised a job from the caller claiming to be a recruiter with a legitimate trucking company and/or representative for a truck driver school.  The caller appears to have a sense of urgency, pressing the driver to complete truck driver school and receive a CDL as they are in a must-hire situation asking that the caller contact them back if not available. 

If the driver seeking employment contacts the "recruiter" he or she is offered a job starting ASAP with higher than normal pay and benefits.  The "recruiter" may also mention that there will be a "waiver" available for any previous criminal or DUI convictions over 3-5 years.  Next is where  the biggest red flag is raised - the "recruiter" then askes the driver to wire transer $350 or more to prove "financial solvency" to the carrier. 

FMCSA LogoThere are several ways the "recruiter" may go about requesting that the money be transferred including a Walmart money transfer, Western Union or other well known money transfer services.  All of these are a scam!

The "recruiter" typically concludes the conversations by directing the driver victims of this scam to a location, usually in another state, to be picked up by the company trainer.  This pick-up never occurs.

As far as the scam goes, it doesn't stop there.  The fraud recruiters are also calling truck driver school instructors asking them to provide a call back number to students who complete CDL training or recent graduates they may know from other trucking schools.

How To Avoid This Scam

Driver Solutions president, Mark Kinsel, had this to say about the scam, "Ultimately, it's important that you remember a reputable truck driving school will NEVER ask for a wire money transfer of any kind.  If you receive a phone call that even remotely resembles something like this scam, I urge you to pay close attention.  Many red flags will be raised throughout the conversation and "recruiting process."  If you have any doubts about the "recruiter" on the other end, stop all contact with that person until you've verified their identity by following the FMCA's suggestion of calling the publicly listed telephone number of any motor carrier offering employment and verify the recruiter is a duly authorized representative of the fleet."