Truck Driving School Review:  On Top of Mount Everest!

Attending truck driving school can be a nerve wracking experience for people, and for many reasons. Meeting new people, learning a new trade, getting back in the classroom after years or even's understandable that most people would be nervous. But some people have a motive for attending trucking school that makes it even MORE important that they pass and hit the road as a truck driver. Vickie is one of those people. She reached out to us to share her story of success at trucking school. See what she had to say about her experience below:

When I arrived at truck driving school, I was bruised and sore from a bad relationship. I was at the bottom of my well of self-esteem. I wasn't sure if I could really do this. I had only one thing going for me, and that was determination. I admit I took as long as I was allowed to learn everything, but I did it. The day I took my test, I was scared, excited, and everything in between. When I pulled back into the lot at the test site, I still wasn't sure I had passed, but when the examiner told me I did it was like I was suddenly transported to the top of Mount Everest. I could do anything.

I went from not thinking I could do anything worthwhile to feeling like I could do anything, and it's the best thing ever. CDL training saved me. 

While trucking school can be difficult, the relief and pride that students feel when they graduate is immeasurable. After 25 years of training students and placing them with trucking companies, we never get bored of hearing people's success stories!

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