Top States for Truck Driving Jobs & Truck Driving School

Considering a career in the transportation industry?  From attending truck driving school to beginning a truck driver job, there are plenty of opportunities available in the United States.  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve taken a closer look at some of these opportunities in the following states:

  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Michigan

Below is an overview on some of the posts with more details on how to find the best CDL schools and truck driving job options in each state.

Indiana CDL Schools Prove There’s More Than Corn in Indiana

Indiana is best known for its corn and basketball.  Truth is there is more than corn in Indiana (kind of) and it’s home to some of the best CDL schools in the country.  Operating in major cities such as Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, these Indiana truck driving schools have been training CDL students for years. 

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Ohio Truck Driving Jobs in the Buckeye State

Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Buckeye state also has a booming trucking industry.  In fact, Ohio is one of the largest transportation hubs in the country.  This makes Ohio a great place to live and work as a truck driver.  Better year, Ohio truck driving jobs are available with no previous experience being required.

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Finding a Trucking School in Texas

Some of the best Texas truck driving schools are conveniently located in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.  But just because there are options available, doesn’t mean it’s any easier to choose a truck driving school.  In this post we take a look at the 5 things to look for when trying to find the Texas trucking school that’s right for you. 

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How Missouri OTR Jobs Can Lead to Local Driving Opportunities

With large states like St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri is home to many local truck driving job opportunities.  Like most other states, however, finding a local job without any OTR (over-the-road) experience is next to impossible.  In this post, we discuss the best way to find an OTR job to help get the experience needed to land a local job down the line. 

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Trucking School and the Great Lakes State

Michigan's proximity to major transportation hubs make it a great place to begin a truck driving job. Some of Michigan's major industries include motor vehicles and parts, machinery, metal products, and food processing. In this post, we talk about trucking schools in Michigan and how aspiring drivers can get started.

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