Truck Driving Jobs - Life On The Open Road

If you are looking to pursue a truck driving job, you have probably wondered what life on the open road will be like.  As part of our Driver Solutions' Becoming A Truck Driver Video Series, we take a look at the perks of the trucker lifestyle with Tim Ross.  In this video, Tim talks about some of the places he's visited and things that his trucking career has allowed him to do such as attend a Red Wings hockey game. 

Tim also discusses the independence that comes along with a truck driving job.  His trucking job has allowed him to provide for his family without having a college degree.  In addition to being able to comfortably pay all the bills and take care of his family, he has been able to grow closer to his wife while in his trucking job. 

Watch the video below for more information about life on the road in a trucking job.