Truck Driving Jobs - A Great Career for Military Veterans

Marines on Veterans DayVeterans Day is a federal holiday honoring armed service veterans and is observed every year on November 11. People often get Memorial Day and Veterans Day mixed up or aren't sure what the difference between the two is.

To clarify, Memorial Day is a holiday that remembers those who died fighting for our country, whereas Veterans Day is a holiday observed for remembering all war vets, past and present.

These days, more and more veterans are looking to truck driving jobs after they're discharged from the military. Veterans make great truck drivers for a number of reasons, including their experience driving large vehicles, their work ethic, their discipline and dedication, and their existing knowledge and experience with map reading. These skills are learned during their time in the military and transfer over to the trucking industry quite well. Many veterans-turned-truck-drivers also possess the ability to advance to leadership positions after being an OTR driver for a while.

Scholarship options are available for veterans interested in pursuing an entry level truck driving job and mMany truck driving schools will accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Military veterans and truck drivers alike are both well-respected around the country. To show support, this year on Veterans Day, all TA/Petro truck stop locations will give free meals (up to $15 worth) to veterans with CDLs at their sit down restaurants. Drivers must show proof of service to get the deal. Proof of service includes any the following:

  • US Uniform Services Retired ID Card
  • Veteran's organization card
  • Photograph in uniform
  • DD214 form
  • Citation or commendation

This Veterans Day, let's all remember the sacrifices these men and women have made for our country, both during their time in service and during their time as an OTR truck driver.

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Image credit: Sgt. Randall A. Clinton