Truck Driving Jobs For Military Veterans & Life After The Service

Driver Solutions has helped many military veterans find truck driving jobs after completing CDL training.  In fact, a truck driving school Director at one of our partner schools was recently interviewed about the military programs available to help veterans find truck driving jobs.  Rich, who is a retired Navy person, was a truck driver himself before moving into the Director position with C1 Truck Driver Training.  He's been very active in helping former military persons understand the programs available to them by participating in events such as the Veterans Resource Event at the University of Central Missouri.  Watch the video below as Rich gives an overview on the veteran CDL training program offered at trucking school:

If you're former military and looking for a new career, becoming a truck driver might be the perfect move for you.  The qualities that veterans bring to the table are desired by most employers, but truck driving is an industry that most military veterans can adapt to easily with the long hours on the road, extended periods between seeing family and the diligence that is necessary to do the job correctly.  These are lifestyle changes that can be difficult for most people to adjust to, but often times veterans are used to performing at their best under these conditions.  With that hurdle out of the way, the idea of getting paid to travel the USA is very appealing to most people with military experience. 

Driver Solutions is proud to be partnered with two companies, USA Truck and PAM Transport, who understand that having new truck drivers with previous military experience is a positive.  Truck drivers are the backbone of Amercia.  Training and hiring someone who has proven to be committed and reliable is great for the trucking companies.  If you have military experience and have considerd a truck driving job, complete our online application to learn more about the opportunities that are available in the trucking industry.  By filling out our secure online application, you can schedule a time to speak with a representative about the currently training and job openings available.

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