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If you asked CDL training students why they are choosing a trucking career, you can bet two of the most common answers would be good pay and job stability.  You can earn good money in a truck driving job, especially after you build up some experience.  And due to the economy right now, you will have a secure job because truck drivers are in high demand and truck driving jobs need filled. But another perk that is often overlooked by new and inexperienced truckers is the freedom that comes with driving a big rig out on the open road.

For starters, you don’t have a boss constantly looming over your shoulder. There’s no one watching you like a hawk.  That’s a common complaint in a traditional 8-5 office position; but, rest assured that as a truck driver, it’s just you, your big rig, and your thoughts chugging across the country.

As a truck driver, you get to embark on a new adventure every day. You’re never in the same place two days in a row, and for many truck drivers, that’s what makes their job so rewarding. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you do the same, mundane tasks at work day after day. But as a truck driver, you know from the start that you’ll be traveling to different places, carrying different cargo shipments, interacting with different people on the road, and dealing with different driving situations every day. No two drivers will ever have the same exact experience on the road, and that’s part of what makes a career in the trucking industry so enticing for many people.

If you love to travel, a truck driving position could be the perfect career choice for you. When you think about it, truck drivers get paid to travel. Most people pay to visit different areas of the country all the time, but as a truck driver you make money driving to those places.  It's not uncommon for experienced truck drivers to think of their job as a paid vacation on some days.  And as a truck driver, you're your very own tour guide! 

Just look at this beautiful picture Stacy Albers recently submitted to our photo contest. Stacy snapped this picture of a sunset in Van Horn, Texas. Beautiful! If you have a picture of a sunset from your travels, be sure to enter it into our Driver Solutions photo contest for a chance to win a $25 Walmart gift card!

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