Truck Driving Jobs Are Important For The Agriculture Industry

There are many options in trucking careers and if you are considering truck driver training at a trucking school you will likely be intersted in some of those possibilties.  One industry in which trucking jobs are especially important is the agriculture industry. 

truck-training-freightlinerA new report by the Departments of Agriculture and Transportation found that agriculture is the single largest user of freight transportation services in the United States.  In fact, an April 27th statement Tom Vilsak, Agriculture Secretary stated, "Agriculture is the largest user of freight transportation in the United States, with 31% of all ton-miles recorded in 2007 being used in the movement of agricultural products."

This new report also looked at the way in which farmers transport their goods and went on to say that trucks are "the most effective method of moving goods short distances and for assembling quantities of products at elevators and warehouses for transloading to other modes for production."  It was also estimated in the report that trucks haul around 70% of the tonnage of agricultural, food, forest products, alcohols, and fertilizers.

As you can see, making sure that drivers receiving the proper trucking training and are being placed in trucking careers is very important to the agriculture industry.  Without drivers to move the freight, the industry cannot function adequately.  At Driver Solutions, we can provide you with the truck driver training and CDL license necessary to prepare yourself for a trucking career that may involve working in the agriculture industry at some point.  If you are interested in starting your trucking career today, just complete our online trucking application and we will be in touch soon.

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