My Truck Driving Goals for 2013

As 2013 bears down on all of us, I have been thinking about some goals for my new trucking career and also some personal goals I would like to accomplish next year.  The last 3 months have been filled with so much learning and traveling that I haven't had the time to think about such things until recently (with the short Christmas break). So, here we go!

Professionally, I would like to go the rest of the Winter with no incidents! Driving in the recent Winter conditions have been pretty tough and I am constantly evaluating road conditions to make sure it's safe enough to continue. The last winter blast we had wasn't quite as bad as the one that is going on now with "Euclid." But I did have the privelege of meeting the storm in Ohio and Michigan, then catching back up to it in Massachusetts. I made it through all the storms safely, but it was pretty slow going in the mountains. My goal for the rest of the year and into the Winter of 2013 is to make it safely to each destination USA Truck gives me not matter what the weather conditions are like.

Also professionally, a big goal of mine is to get my year in with USA Truck! This would mean a couple of things:

  1. With my year in, that would mean my loans secured through Driver Solutions for my CDL training would be all paid off and that's very important to me.
  2. I also believe after my first year is completed my pay per mile increases. grin That's always a good thing for a newbie.

Since I have been driving, all the way from OTR training to going solo, I have noticed that it can get a bit stressful with deadlines looming.  Doing the map planning to make sure you can make it on time without running out of legal time and the overall job itself, isn't always easy to figure out. I want to set the goal that I stay focused when things get a little rough. I recently read an article that a new truck driver's first year is easily the toughest and most stressful. The article (read it on the Driver Solutions blog here) talked a lot about the first year and getting through it. I think I'm off to a good start here and I look forward to what 2013 brings. 

Personally, my goals really haven't changed much from what I set every year since 2006. I want to stay happy, take plenty of pictures and make sure I stay positive. Staying positive is extremely important to me. Whether it be truck driving or hospitality management, staying positive directly affects the people closest to you and also people you meet in your daily business world.

Trucking isn't much different than hospitality when it comes to meeting people you do not know. Going into a strange new shipping/receiving area and being able to communicate in a positive way does wonders overall - I've learned this lesson very quickly. Is everyone receptive and nice? Of course not! But the majority of the people I have met in my brief time trucking have appreciated the positive approach and have told me as much.

Also personally, I would like to hit the 2 remaining states/places I have never visited - Vermont and New England. I have had a great time over the years traveling the United States and getting to all 50 states would be just GREAT! My son Trevor (18) got a great head start on me with regards to states visited, as he has visited me in so many states over the years. He has mentioned, now that he is in college, how nice it was for him to be able to travel so much at such a young age. I want to get to all the 50 states before him! LOL He is currently living in Seattle enjoying the PNW.

As I move toward a great 2013, I would like to thank all the companies and people along the way the last 3 months who have helped make my trucking career such a success so far. From truck driving school in Springfield to Driver Solutions to USA Truck, everyone has had a profound impact on me ending 2012 in a very positive note. Thank you and see you all on the other side of the Mississippi soon!

Take care and be safe,


P.S. This photo is from Nantucket Island when I went to see some family and friends for my home time. It was a great time! BUT I am currently stuck here waiting on the Ferry system to get back up and running because of "Euclid"  Here it's no snow, just a lot of rain, very high winds and flooding.

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