Do Truck Drivers Make It Home For Christmas?

Every year about this time, we field a lot of questions regarding truck drivers getting home for the holidays.  And specifically for Christmas.  So I wanted to take the opportunity to address the issue as we see more and more folks considering trucking careers. Even though OTR (over-the-road) truck drivers spend a week or more out on the road at a time, there's usually a welcome slowing of freight in the last few weeks of the year.  More factories go into planned shutdowns and retailers have already stocked their shelves for the holiday selling season. As because there's less demand for freight hauling during this period, most trucking companies take the opportunity to get their drivers home for the holidays.  Freight and demand for trucking services rebound at the first of the year as factories get back to normal production cycles.

This is particluar true for the trucking companies that Driver Solutions partners with in its company sponsored CDL training program.  They try to go the extra mile to keep their truck drivers happy.  So if you've been considering a trucking career, rest assured that there is still the opportunity to spend the holidays with your family.