Truck Drivers: Get the Most Out of Your Money

money saving tipsRegardless of if you're just now starting a trucking career or have been a truck driver for years, managing your money while living a life on the road is no easy task...

So, how much many do you need each week?  What should you spend it on to get the most "bang for your buck?"

Driver Solutions asked some of our Facebook fans to help us out by telling us how much money they recommend and how they spend it. 

Let's check out what they had to say:

  • I live on a hundred and that includes my scales - Timothy Seay
  • At least two hundred for a comfort zone.  You have scales tolls and eats plus your personal things smokes hygene so remember its better to have to mutch than not enough. - Clyde Buffington

  • 50-100 dollars, and always economize. - Ben Lassiter

  • At least $100. Never be on the road without CASH. You might have to pay a scale ticket or shower and your stuck in no mans land for the weekend. The road is expensive...stock your fridge. - Stacy Albers

  • True at least $100 or little more- some places are way high on things. I am gettin stuff ready for my truck so not to spend too much out there smile try not to that is.. - Elaine Wms

  • If it's just food budget what you could do is, don't go home for an entire day eat out and keep track of what was spent, use that as a base for what you should expect multiply that by 1.35 for the cost of a truckstop markup. Now multiply that by the amount of expected days you will be away. Bring a big envelope for all your reciepts now add them all up and divide by the number of days you where gone to get a better picture. Before you leave pretend you can't stop at all and create a plan fill a cooler with presweetened drink mix, some water, canopener, snacks and food that are non perishable, two more meals grab some ramen noodles. And some things you can easily eat without heat. Eating utensils and unbreakable cups. If you use a hotel some provide a continental breakfast take advantage of this and stash some of the fresh fruit. Try and preserve your cash for when you really need it. I use mine as a last result. Being prepared is far more comfortable then being broke, especially when you don't have access to more cash quick. Set an alarm to drink water you won't eat nearly as much and stay hydrated. Be prepared. - Joseph Newhart

  • Try and budget everything but always have extra for emergencies -Clyde Buffington

  • Invest the cash and get a cooler and one of those bax burton ovens, you can cook or heat pretty much anything and that will save you tons in the long run. Even with that to be comfortable at least $100 a week. - Mary Zuber

Driver Solutions is dedicated to helping inexperienced truck drivers get the CDL training they need to find truck driving jobs.  Part of that training is understanding the basics of managing money on the road.  But many "tricks of the trade" are learned from experience. 

If you're a truck driver with some experience and you're reading this - what tips do you have to share for getting the most out of your money on the road?