Truck Drivers Can Take Advantage of Truck Stop Health Clinics

From the Department of Why Didn’t Anyone Think of This Before comes the brilliant idea to build and operate medical clinics specifically for truck drivers. Not only does this plan promote better health but it also increases driver safety and truck safety.

We found this article on, and were pretty excited by it. We've been talking about driver health for a long time, so it's nice to see our viewpoint being confirmed by others.

The Professional Drivers Medical Depot (PDMD) in Knoxville, Tenn., is the first medical clinic of its kind to open and several more are planned to open across the United States in the next three years. PDMD says its mission is to improve driver health by increasing the accessibility of health care on the road. PDMD is affiliated with a nationwide hospital network which can provide emergency evaluations, diagnostics and lab screenings.

Considering that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is weighing new health regulations for truck drivers, the opening of the PDMD goes a long way in helping drivers take better care of themselves while on the road.

Truck drivers will no longer have to wait until they reach their destination or return from a run to see their doctor. If a truck driver feels under the weather, he or she can pop into a clinic and be seen quickly. If they need more in-depth medical care or diagnostics, they can get those medical services right away.

Dr. John McElligott is the founder of Professional Drivers Medical Depot and is supervising the Knoxville clinic. He is also funding the all future sites to be built in the next three years.

“There is no medical care for truck drivers on the road unless they go to the emergency room,” McElligott said in the eTrucker article. “This will make it more convenient.”

The clinics will provide DOT physicals, drug and alcohol screening, treatment of work-related injuries and personal illness, prescription refills, flu shots and pneumonia vaccines. Services are offered at a flat rate so that truck drivers who do not have medical insurance can afford medical care. PDMD plans to tailor its services to issues directly related to the truck driving industry while still being a first rate medical clinic which can address most health issues.

Each clinic will be dedicated to a truck driver who has shown outstanding service to his industry and his country. The Knoxville clinic, is dedicated to professional driver Charlie Gibson of Desoto, Texas, who has driven a truck since his first run in 1945 in the service during WWII.