Truck Driver Training Gets High Tech

There's a new service on the market for folks looking to get their CDL license.  eGears is an online service that provides web-based training for the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection, CDL permit, Haz Mat, and a whole lot more. The folks at eGears posted a video on YouTube. There's nothing else like this on the web for cdl training. If you are considering attending a truck driving school or getting your cdl license, you should check out the benefits of the eGears training.  The CDL pre-trip inspection training alone is well worth your time.  The video is all professional looking with a great quality, narration and editing.  This isn't some guy with a camcorder walking around a truck.  Trust me, if you are about to take a CDL skills exam, you need to check out eGears.  Visit the eGears website.