How to Get Truck Driver Training for a CDL

Truck driver training, where do we begin? There are lots of options for being trained as a truck driver. Driver Solutions has options for free training for some truck driving jobs. Before we talk training options, let’s first decide what kind of truck you want to learn to drive. The type of truck will determine the class of CDL you’ll need.

The Right Training for CDL

Most trucks fall in one of two classes of the CDL. Straight trucks require a Class B CDL. Tractor trailers, also known as semis or 18-wheelers, require a Class A and are commonly referred to as combination vehicles (the tractor and the trailer). A Class B truck requires less driver training and it’s slightly easier to get the Class B CDL.

Class A CDL Driver Training Options

Driving a tractor trailer is substantially more involved than a straight truck. Because of the complexity, formal truck driver training is encouraged for the Class A CDL. If the goal is a to find a truck driving job with a trucking company, the best advice is to attend a company-sponsored CDL training program. Driver Solutions is a provider of sponsored training in which the driver completes truck driving school at no cost.

Finding a Free School

For free CDL training, a trucking company will pay for truck driving school and then hire the newly trained trucker. After finishing the truck driver training program, the driver is obligated to work for the trucking company for one year. By utilizing company-sponsored training, a truck driver can save between $5,000 and $9,000 on school tuition and has a driving job with the potential to earn $50,000 the first year of driving. Free truck driving school is available currently from PAM Transport. Find more details about truck driver training on the Driver Solutions website.

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