Truck Driver Talks Social Media Usage & Favorite Electronics

Welcome to part 4 of our interview with USA Truck driver, John Carpenter.  In today's segment, John answers questions about using social media as a truck driver.  He also gives the full run down on the electronics he uses in his truck to make life much easier. 

If you are just getting caught up with this interview, you can check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 to find out more about life as a truck driver. 

Q: As a truck driver, how do you use social media?
A: I stay in touch with my friends using my phone and checking-in on Foursquare.  We check-in at our stops to let each other know where we are going each day.  They all seem to like watching my travel and Foursquare is much easier than saying “here is where I am today.”  You can also add a little blurb to each check-in with a photo now.

I am brand new to Twitter, I’ve probably only been on for a month.  I really like it and I think the first thing that turned me on to it were the celebrities.  You can almost converse with them and you get to see their comments on the daily. 

I have always been a Facebook guy and still use it regularly.   And it was MySpace before that.  Not even sure if I remember my MySpace login now though.  That seems like 100 years ago. 

Q: You mentioned Foursquare, but do you use Facebook Places at all?

A: I use both Facebook Places and Foursquare, but it depends on where I am at and what I am doing.  Sometimes I use Facebook places to tag people if I am with a group of friends.  But Foursquare most of the time. 

Q: What other electronics do you use on the truck?

A: Well, all of my friend have TVs.  One has an Xbox, I have a PS3 and we all have laptops.  Most of us have iPhones or Droids.  I even have a scanner to send in my bills while I am out on the road.  It helps me save time and paper.  All my buddies are jealous of me now because I can scan my bills as I deliver.

Q: What kind of BlueTooth do you use?

A: I have a Blue Parrot that I picked up at a truck stop.  It’s a Bluetooth with noise cancelling that does a decent job.  It comes with 5 different head and ear pieces.  You can hang off to the side of the ear or hook to head piece that goes over head, another option that goes around neck.  I tried them all and went back to old school style of wearing it like a Walkman.