Ask Wayne: What Have You Learned About Truck Driver Safety?

Wayne Cragg was a driver for USA Truck during 2012-2013.  Below are his thoughts and experiences driving for the company during that time.  The views and opinions expressed below are his and not representative of those of Driver Solutions.  

In April of 2015, Driver Solutions and USA Truck mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership.  Driver Solutions remains committed to helping new drivers find the best truck driving job and CDL training opportunities available.  Learn more about our company-sponsored CDL training program here.

Carey Hayward from Driver Solutions Facebook page asks: Wayne, I wanted to know, as a relatively new driver, what have you learned as far as driver safety ? More on the personal side, not so much as just driving truck! Thanks!


Hi Carey and thank you for your question!

I have learned not to ever think you know what the 4-wheelers are going to do out there on the road. If you think you know what they may do, you will get yourself into trouble.

For example, just a few days ago I had a car pass me in the left lane, then swerve in my lane, fast and hard. What I didn't know was that this car wanted to exit one more lane to the right and there were cars stopped on the exit ramp. Of course this car couldn't see that because he was too busy driving crazy and fast - passing me with no regard to safety. I thought to myself when I saw him coming up so fast on my left side, "Do I have an out??" Well, I did. There were no other cars behind him. Lucky for him!!

When he went to get onto the exit ramp, he noticed the ramp was full. What did he do? Yep, slammed on his brakes. Oh my gosh, why do that with an 18-wheeler right behind you? But I knew I had the left lane open and went over to that lane pretty quickly. I avoided him of course, but I will never understand why everyone is in such a hurry? If I were to hit him from behind going 55 or 45, he's not going to be in good shape no matter who's fault it is. So I have come to realize that everyone is in a hurry and as a professional driver you need to know this and drive defensively all the time.

Take care and be safe,


(Image credit: Leo Reynolds, Flickr)

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