Truck Driver Jobs Listed As One Of The Top Jobs In Indiana

This past Sunday, The Indianapolis Star published a list of the Top 10 Jobs In Indiana.  This list covers the industries that will have jobs available for Hoosiers in 2011.  It's no surprise to find that among registered nurses and computer engineers, truck drivers were listed as number 9 on the top 10 list.  Indiana is yet another state where people are finding themselves unemployed or "stuck in a rut" and looking to find a trucking job to provide stability.

One key point that the writer for The Indianapolis Star makes in this article is that most people that are unemployed and looking at these jobs still need to get some type of additional training.  Then, again, it all comes back down to - how are you going to pay for the additional training if you don't have a job?

This is where our industry becomes even more attractive because of the trucking companies that offer CDL training such as PAM Trucking and USA Truck.  When a trucking company agrees to sponsor a student's tuition cost in exchange for a term of employment, it certainly makes things easier than taking out a loan or dipping into a savings account.  

Another big advantage of the trucking industry vs. the other industries on this list is the availability of a program such as the Driver Solutions Training Program that works to pre qualify new drivers for a trucking job opportunity prior to them starting training.  With other industries, the job possibilities after training may not be as easy to come by as indicated in this article. 

Nonetheless, it's good to see Indiana is having an increase in the demand for goods that comes along with a recovering economy.  The article points to an expected growth of 9% in the trucking industry in Indiana by 2018. 

If you've thought about pursuing trucking jobs in the Indiana area, Driver Solutions can help you get the CDL training needed to qualify.  Just complete our online driver application to schedule a time to speak with one of our Driver Agents.

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