Truck Driver Health & Exercise On The Road

PAM Transport driver and Driver Solutions graduate Nicole has found staying healthy and eating right over the road to be a challenge during her first year in a truck driving job. However, she has figured out how to manage health and exercise while spending her time behind the wheel. Nicole recommends keeping healthy snacks inside your truck and stocking up before you hit the road so you aren't tempted at truck stops. She also recommends getting some exercise in during stops. Take a walk around the truck stop parking lot, or do a workout inside your cab. Don't let your truck driving job be an excuse to let your health decline. Also, stay away from energy drinks and other highly caffeinated beverages. While these may give you a bit of energy, your energy levels will crash a couple of hours later which is unsafe and unhealthy. Nicole has kept herself very healthy during her first year over the road with PAM Transport, and she sets a great example for other new truck drivers. Stock up on healthy snacks before you hit the road, keep items in your refrigerator in the truck, and make sure you get out of your truck and move around when you're stopped. You'll be a safer, happier, and healthier truck driver if you take a little initiative toward maintaining your health. Nicole is a winter 2011 graduate of truck driving school, who took advantage of company sponsored CDL training. She has worked as a solo and team driver for PAM Transport.

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