4 Popular Goals for New Truck Drivers (Video)

With the turn of a new year come all the resolutions. One popular New Year’s Resolution is advancing or changing a career.  For some, that means staying within the same company, just moving up. For others, perhaps it means getting out of a dead-end job and pursuing a new field or industry--like truck driving!

We sat down with students in truck driving school to find out what goals are most popular among new truck drivers this year.  Watch the video below to see what these truckers want to accomplish in 2015!

Popular Goals for New Drivers

See the Country
There’s no denying that a big reason truckers do what they do is the love of travel. After all, there aren’t many jobs that pay you to travel, and the office view from a truck is hard to beat.

Support Family
Some people decide to pursue a truck driving job as a way to better life for their family. Truck driving provides career advancement opportunities that are very attractive to those stuck in positions with little to no room for advancement or pay raises. Advancement opportunities in transportation can include local and regional driving jobs, but also positions like CDL training instructor, safety manager, and dispatcher. 

Get Caught Up On Bills
A truck driving job can be an attractive style of living for many people because it costs much less to live on the road! That’s why some students decide to pack up their things, and hit the road full time. After all, small, minimalist living is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s hard to deny the benefit of cutting your bills in half.

Fulfill a Lifelong Dream
For some, attending CDL training and pursuing a truck driving job is simply to fulfill a  goal or desire they’ve had for years.  Whether it’s growing up always wanting to become a truck driver or doing something that once seemed impossible, there’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with becoming a professional trucker. 

Start a New Trucking Job in 2015

How do some of these goals sound to you? If you’re interested in a better way to support your family, learning a new career, or even just seeing the country, apply for a truck driving job with Driver Solutions!

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