How Attitude Will Make Or Break Your Success As A Truck Driver

Question: It’s easy to have a bad attitude and complain, how do you remain positive even in less than ideal situations?

Answer: Yes, it always seems easier to complain about things and not have the right attitude. Yet, I have learned throughout the years, that complaining about something over and over takes more time and more out of you mentally, than trying to find a solution to the problem. Was all the training over the past month perfect and the perfect situation? No. But making the best of something that you have to do is the way to go here...

Just 3 days ago, I heard 2 truck drivers complaining about everything from their current load to how it's to "dang" cold out and everything in-between. I just said "hello' and moved on. One load you get might not be great, but the next load or the one after that will be great. And winter, well it's cold!  I'll never forget when I was in Yellowstone National Park working for the winter at -40 degrees below zero for a week, now I think that's cold!  Just a different perspective I guess. 

What Driver Solutions and I are trying to do with the blog is give students a better idea of what it's like out there with a truck driving job and a better understanding of the whole CDL training process you go through.  Our goal is to help you go into training and your new trucking job with a better perspective of what to expect. Not knowing is sometimes more stressful than the actual situation itself. I've kept a good positive vibe going on the blog because you know what - in the end it wasn't that bad. I was learning a new trade and needed a lot training.

One thing that worked for me throughout the entire process that helped me stay positive and keep my focus was not thinking I already knew everything.  I did a 150 mile round trip for 11 years when I worked for Chrysler near Detroit. I could have easily thought, "well, I drove over 300,000 miles over those years, I know what to do already in traffic." But the reality is, I would have been soooo wrong. Driving the truck and becoming a professional truck driver is just that, a profession.  It takes special care and attention to drive that large truck...especially in heavy traffic!

I must also add: Seeing the beauty of the country especially during sunrise and sunset also kept me positive. I think it's pretty cool to have a job where they ask you to go from point A to point B (safely and on time) and you get to make a lot of the decisions on how to get there. The freedom of the open road for me makes up for any of the downsides there may be.

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