Trip Planning - The Importance of Having an Alternate Route!

Cows in Midwest

Hi all,

Today started out very early as we had to deliver our last load of this trip in OshKosh, Wisconsin. I noticed a few people mentioned Wisconsin when guessing about the picture of the farm land. You would be right!

When we finished in Oshkosh we promptly got another message from dispatch to pick up a load in Green Bay, to deliver in another Midwest town. I'm hoping to get some pictures tomorrow.

Today was a very busy driving day. We had a great plan to get around Chicago before rush hour, yet when we went to pick up our load, it took quite a bit longer than what we expected. So our plan then turned into some more trip planning - very, very important in truck driving jobs. In fact, Randall has me fill out a plan for our trip before we head out to make sure I can get around the U.S. okay when I'm out on my own.

On that same note: it was something else to see Randall dive into the Motor Carrier Atlas when we had a sign that there was a 5 mile back up on the interstate we were on the other day. Within minutes, Randall had an alternate route planned, made sure we could legally get our truck on the route, and we got off the interstate and were able to keep moving. I would guess we probably saved at least 1, maybe 2 hours of wait time. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time on important issues other than sitting behind the wheel that are going to help me become successful throughout my truck driving career.

By the way, Chicago traffic is something else, whether it be early in the morning (like last Sunday when I drove through there) or in the evening (like I drove today). It's a good way to test and hone your truck driving skills.

See you all on the other side of I69,

- Wayne

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