(Video):  What Places Are CDL Training Students Most Excited to See?

One of the most common reasons for pursuing a truck driving job is the ability to visit parts of the country that may not have been feasible for a driver to see before. After all, what better job than one that allows employees to see the country…and get paid for it at the same time?!

After beginning truck driving school, many truckers-to-be have begun to compile a list of the places they’d most like to see when they hit the road. We asked some CDL training students where they wanted to visit the most. Watch the video to see what they said and check out some of the popular answers below!


3 Places Truckers Want to Visit

Grand Canyon
It may just be a big 277-mile long, 18-mile wide hole in the ground, but it’s a breathtaking hole in the ground, and it’s one of the top places the truckers we talked to wanted to see after hitting the road. The Grand Canyon can be viewed from two different areas – the North Rim, open from May to October, and the South Rim, which is open all year.  The Grand Canyon would be a great place to spend a restart or home time.  Park on the South Rim and take a shuttle to see the sight.

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore is one of the nation’s top tourist attractions. Located near Keystone, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a great sight for truckers to see. Even better yet – it’s relatively easy to access from a truck, provided you’re bobtailing. Parking is available for around $8-11. Not a bad way to spend a reset!

Utah and Colorado
If there’s one thing we took away from talking to these students, it’s that many aspiring truck drivers are anxious to head out west! Both Colorado and Utah are quite geographically diverse, with scenery like the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, Red Rock, and of course, the Four Corners, making these states great attractions for truckers.

Where would you like your travels to take YOU?

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