Training Programs Do Not Always Follow Job Trends

There are many great government training programs out there that allow those people that are unemployed to develop skills that will make them more marketable to potential employers.  These programs are appealing to many because they help ease the up-front cost associated with most training initiatives.  But the problem with alot of these government programs is that they do not always follow job trends - meaning just because people are getting trained does not mean that they are getting jobs.truck-driver-USA-truck

A recent USA Today article cites the story of Todd Wymann.  Todd lost his job making parts for trucks & SUVs in June of 2008.  After some consideration and consultation, he enrolled in a government subsidized welding program.  He graduated from that program in December and as of last week he was still coming up empty in his job search.  "I'm getting annoyed and tired," Wyman says. "All I hear is, 'We're short on welders.' I hear it, but I don't see it. I maybe could have (taken) a different route."

Enrollment in job training programs throughout the U.S. is on the rise since the recession began, but a diploma is not necessarily proving to be the key to getting a new job, especially since the jobless rate is still right around 10%.  At Driver Solutions, we take a different approach to training for a truck driving job at our trucking school. 

Our Driver Agents do their best to place all applicants into a pre-arranged truck driving job opportunity BEFORE they ever even start training.  We do this via our Driver Solutions training program.  This program allows our trucking students to earn their CDL license without the up-front cost of training because they are sponsored by a company like USA Truck or PAM Transport.  Upon graduating trucking school, they already have a pre-arranged driving job lined up with the company.  This is a huge relief for our students as they are not overwhelmed with the job hunt and can focus on truck driver training.

If you would like to get started in a new trucking career, go ahead and complete our online application to schedule a time to speak wtih a Driver Agent.

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