Truck Driver Jobs Are #14 On America’s Most Popular Job List

Now is a prime time to get into a truck driving job. 

We've posted several times recently about trucking jobs showing up on lists of the top opportunities in each state.  We've also posted the projections that 400,000 new trucking jobs will need to be filled by the end of 2011.  Today, we ran across this article from MSN Careers via Careerbuilder that ranks tractor-trailer truck driver jobs as #14 on the America's Most Popular Jobs List. 

This means that there is still plenty of opportunity for those inexperienced drivers looking to start a new career.  In fact, you can fill out an application right now to get started with Driver Solutions.  The article lists the average salary at right around $39,000 and through our Driver Solutions Network trucking companies you have the potential to make that in your first year.  

We also found it interesting that of the 15 jobs listed in this particular article, truck driving jobs pay better than 11 of the others.  The money can definitely be a nice for someone that is looking for a change or just wants to get outside of the office setting and have some freedom.  

Each day we have people tell us that they have looked for job for months and all signs keep pointing to truck driving as the right career choice for them.  The main reasons we get are the stability, pay, and ability to see the open road.  With that being said, it's not surprising that truck driving jobs continue to show up on these "top jobs" lists.

If you've thought about truck driving and you would like to give this career a try, go ahead and complete our online driver application.  We will work with you to get you out to CDL training so you can pursue life out on the open road.   

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