Top Truck-Trailer Manufacturer To Add 200 More Jobs

As further evidence of the trucking industry recovery being in full swing, the top truck-trailer manufacturer in the country, Wabash National, will be adding 200 new jobs to build fluid tankers.  These openings are in addition to the 400-500 new jobs that were announced by the president and CEO earlier in the month.  Go here to read the full article. 

"Any time you can produce good-paying jobs for the community, it really helps," president and CEO, Giromini said. "These are full-time positions, so you have some job security associated with them. These are guaranteed, manufacturing-level."

The rise in truck driver job openings is having a trickle down effect as companies like Wabash National will continue to hire additional staff in order to keep up with the demand. 

It's great to see articles like this one being published and certainly is a change of pace from what we saw a couple of years ago.