Top 10 Reasons to Choose Company Sponsored CDL Training

Last week we talked all about the process of getting a CDL.  We answered our most frequently asked questions, looked at the different ways to go about getting a CDL, and even discussed why teaching yourself to drive a semi could be a really bad idea.

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During this series, we’ve mentioned some of the benefits of CDL training and more specifically, company sponsored CDL training.  For many drivers, this is the best way to enter the trucking industry for a number of reasons.  But what are some of those reasons and what does it all mean to the driver?

We’re going to take a closer look at each one of the benefits of company sponsored CDL training and leave it up to our readers to tell us what matters the most.    Take the poll below or read more about each benefit to help decide what’s most important to you. 

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Job opportunity before training

Company sponsored CDL training programs offer the driver a job opportunity prior to beginning training.  The driver enters into an agreement to drive with the company covering the upfront training costs for a period of time, usually around 1-2 years. 

Don’t have enough money to pay for CDL training

Many drivers simply cannot afford to spend $4,000 - $8,000 on CDL training and borrowing money from friends/family isn’t an option.  They need a way to get the training needed to start a new career without much out-of-pocket expense. 

No credit checks

Sometimes credit history can hamper the process of securing funding for training.  CDL training sponsorships such as the one Driver Solutions offers do not do credit checks since no loans are required to get started. 

No upfront tuition costs

The trucking company for which the driver is agreeing to work will cover the upfront tuition costs to help the driver get the training necessary to be a safe and reliable driver. 

No loans, no interest

Company sponsored CDL training does not involve taking out a loan, so as long as the driver fulfills his end of the agreement, no interest is accrued.  The driver simply pays back his portion of the tuition costs over the period of the agreement via payroll deduct.

Training from a reputable truck driving school

Trucking companies offering CDL training work with reputable truck driving schools because they know these schools will produce safe, reliable drivers.  This helps new drivers take the guesswork out of choosing a truck driving school (link to DL guide?).

Want to learn from instructors with proven experience

It’s much easier to learn how to drive an 80,000-pound big rig from a group of instructors with 30+ years of experience vs. a friend or relative who might have a little know how from back in the day. 

Able to start a new career quickly

In as little as 3-4 weeks, drivers going through a company sponsored CDL training program can be out on the road making money in their new truck driving job.  Learning on your own could take months or even years to happen without a clear plan in place. 

Meet fellow drivers/teammates

Learning together is often a more beneficial and enjoyable experience to someone starting a new career.  Often times, new drivers meet teammates and make lifelong friends at truck driving school.


Maybe there’s another reason to choose company sponsored CDL training that we didn’t mention?  Tell us in the poll above or the comments area below!

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