Tips for New Truck Drivers - Eating on a Budget

Last night, Driver Solutions asked our Facebook fans (and we've got some great ones) to share their tips for eating out on the road while staying on budget.  We received a lot of great feedback and wanted to share some tips for those that are new to a trucking career.

Here are some of the tips we received:truck-driving-food

Refrigerator best investment (Roadpro is available at Pilot and Loves for $39-164)
- Jajuan Gunter

Dollar General... shelf stable foods, drink mix and munchies. DG is awesome!
- Anthony Benny

I started out in October and the best way I found was to get some ramen noodle soup a couple bowls and use te microwaves at truck stops cheap and will last awhile.
- Curtis Kneezle

Skip the Ramen...way too much bread, lunch meat, make yourself a couple sandwiches in the morning before you start driving.
- Adrian Hoesli

I always keep cans of Chunky Soup. Usually have Granola bars to snack on.
- David Cochran

Microwave Oatmeal recipe:
Maple syrup 1oz
Butter 1 pat
Oats 1 Cup
Water 3/4 cup
Milk 4.5 oz.
First put syrup at bowl bottom, then oats and water. Nuke 2.34 on medium setting then add butter and milk (raisins or etc. optional) I try to avoid get used to it and your buds seek out the sweet in the butter and maple anyhoo.

That takes care of breakfast, but snack on this midmorning: take a jar of pb, and a bear of honey and make a whole loaf of PB and honey sandwiches, that is a week of keeping hunger at bay from breakfast to lunch (goes great with coffee too!)

-Robbie Biffle

I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit I also eat sandwiches and Dried fruit in your cereal is great too but, I highly suggest a plug in frig. I keep my drinks, yogurt, sandwich meat and fixins in there. I couldn't go without it!
- Keith Thompson

Are you a truck driver?  Have any tips of your own for staying on budget?  Share below...