Tip from Trucking School Instructor: Stay Focused


Becoming a truck driver takes a lot of focus.  During truck driving school, you must focus on developing the skills you need to successfully get a CDL license.  In order to do this in just 3-4 weeks, all distractions must be removed.  You can do this by getting all other areas of your life in order.  Make sure your family life is in a good state, you've budgeted for training and most importantly that you're truly ready to make the commitment to make a career change.   

And once you've started your truck driving job, it's important you continue to maintain that focus.  Understand that your job starts everyday in traffic.  While being a safe truck driver means being aware of your surroundings, you cannot become obsessed with what others are doing around you.  If another motorist cuts you off, as the professional driver - you must move on.  If a vehicle stops suddenly in front of you, you must do as you were trained to handle the situation. 

The bottom line is things are going to happen. Rather than you getting caught up with your surroundings and becoming part of the problem, you must become a part of the solution.  Stay focused on the safe operation of your vehicle and life will take care of itself. 

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