Is It Time To Start A Trucking Career?

If you've looked into other job options, you should definitely consider starting a trucking career.  You will find that the pay and benefits are very competitive to other industries.  In fact, in your first year in an entry level truck driving job, you can expect to make up to $50,000. 

The other big point that attracts people to a truck driving career is the job availability in the industry.  Truck driving companies are hiring qualified drivers right now and the best way to get started is through CDL training.  Through great CDL training, you can learn all of the skills necessary to start your entry level trucking job in right around three weeks.  This means you can be out on the road making great money in about one month.

You may be wondering how often the CDL training classes start at Driver Solutions.  Watch the video below for your answer and complete our online driver application to get started.