Truck Driver Making Sacrifices for Family

The roll on, roll on through father

My father drove trucks for the U.S. government when I was growing up. Right now, he works for someone else but I don't know who. He would go on installation trips for a month or two and then come home for a few days to a few weeks. As hard as it was on us not having him around all of the time, I now know how hard it was for him.

Now that I have my own child I can not stand to be away from her and hate that I only get to see her one or twice every day or two. I can not imagine going weeks with just phone calls to sustain me but my dad did it to provide for us. He just got back in last night from a week and a half trip just in time to deal with a hurricane hitting home in Virginia. Even if he doesn't win I would like him to be able to see this online and how many people can appreciate what he did and continues to do for his family. I love you Dad. I only wish I had a digital photo to attach.

Name: Raymon Kidd