The CDL Permit Test & Truck Driver Training

Earning your CDL permit is one of the first things you will focus on at truck driver training.  Your permit is needed for you to learn how to drive a semi truck so that you can legally be behind the wheel driving with an instructor.  To get a CDL instruction permit, you must pass the CDL general knowledge exam and the other knowledge exams for the vehicles that you want to drive.

At Driver Solutions, we want to make sure you can prepare for the CDL permit test ahead of time so you can make the most of your trucking training.  In order to do that, we provide you with free access to eGears.  eGears is an online CDL training program which provides CDL permit practice tests so you are ready to go when you get here.  Each of our students is set up with free access prior to coming out to training and many feel it's almost as though training is starting right then! 

We believe eGears adds a lot of value in that it's a free tool to help you prepare for your trucking career.  We caught up with some of our students to ask them about their experience with eGears and wanted to share with you in the video below.

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