Finding a Trucking School in Texas

Did you know that 82 percent of Texas’ goods are moved by trucks? Or that 14% of the economic activity in Texas involves trucking? Texas is one of the biggest transportation hubs in the south. In fact, everything is bigger in Texas… including the opportunity for Texas trucking school truck driving jobs!

Texas Trucking School Program

Texas trucking schools teach students all the basics needed to be able to safely and successfully drive an 18-wheel semi truck. This includes the following:

  • A classroom portion where students will learn all the written and general knowledge aspects of the job, including trip planning, map reading, and logging.
  • A range portion where students will learn basic driving maneuvers like backing and parking.
  • A road/street portion where students will take to the roads of Texas and drive in real life situations with traffic to prepare for the CDL skills test.

Finding Texas Truck Driving Schools

Texas truck driving schools can be found in Fort Worth as well as other major cities in Texas. But picking the right trucking school isn’t an easy decision. There are a couple things drivers should look at when deciding on a Texas CDL training program, including:

  • Quality of training
  • Job opportunity
  • Cost of training
  • Length of school
  • School location

For more information on these deciding factors, check out our free guide, “5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Truck Driving School.”

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