Video: 4 Tips & Secrets to Team Truck Driving Success

Driver Solutions caught up with PAM Transport team driver Chad and asked him to share some of his secrets and tips for successful team truck driving. Watch the video below and keep reading for a summary on what Chad had to say about working a team trucking job.

Alternate Day & Night Driving

When you're driving over-the-road 24/7, someone's going to be driving the graveyard shift. If you're lucky, one of you will actually prefer driving at night. But for some team driving job partnerships, nighttime driving isn't a preference for either driver. So what's the best way to figure out who takes what shift when neither party is too thrilled about the prospect?

Chad and his partner alternate. He says that one of them will drive nights for the three weeks they're usually out at a time. They then get a few days of hometime, and when the team gets back to work, they switch off and the other drives nights for that 3-week period. Chad explains that this allows them to stay on a consistent sleep schedule for the three weeks that they're out on the road.

Someone to Talk to

When you're part of a team driving arrangement, there's always someone to talk to. Even if your co-driver is sleeping for 8 hours of your shift, there's always some time where you have someone around to talk to. Having a buddy on board with you breaks up the monotony of solo driving and helps to curb the loneliness drivers sometimes experience on the road.

Sleeping Arrangements

Chad says his truck has a condo sleeper with two bunks. When both drivers are asleep, they'll use both bunks. But if one's sleeping and the other's driving, they usually will crash in the bottom bed.

Higher Miles & Bigger Paychecks

Perhaps the biggest advantage of team driving is that you're able to earn higher miles and bigger paychecks.  This is because, as a team, you're able to share the responsibilities of driving the truck and keep things rolling longer than a solo driver. 

Do you have any secrets or tips for success with team driving? Share them with us in the comments below!

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