Team Driving With PAM Transport

Driver Solutions graduate Nicole stopped by after nearly a year since her truck driving school graduation and told us about her experience sharing her truck with a team mate as a PAM Transport driver. She says that sharing the truck was actually very easy. You have to work to get along with the person and overlook any personal faults, but you also must not be afraid to approach them in a positive way when they need feedback on their driving.

For example, if they take a turn too sharp, you should be comfortable enough with them to suggest that you work together on turns if needed.  Nicole's last team mate went through the same truck driving school as she did, graduated the same day, and completed over the road training with PAM Transport at almost the same time. Since they both shared the same experiences and even the same instructors, they knew what each other were going through and were able to help each there out and get together very well as team truck drivers. Nicole had great success as a team truck driver, and is now a solo driver for PAM. She hauls freight from coast to coast. As a mother to two young daughters, Nicole must carefully maintain her connection with home and relationship with her children. She stays connected primarily with social media, constantly updating everyone on her location, what she did each day, and posting photos and videos of the places she stops.

There are a lot of benefits to a team truck driving job. Explore team driving and truck driving careers more, and apply when you're ready to get started.

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