Taking the Marriage Mobile—Life on the Road with a Spouse

When someone decides to pursue a truck driving job, one important decision to weigh is how this career change will impact home life with family and/or children.

Fortunately for Lee and Rhonda, they were able to work it out to where Rhonda could come on board Lee's truck and ride beside him for around 7 months!  They had some great times together and saw a lot of awesome places before Rhonda returned home.  Today, we're going to talk to Lee and Rhonda about their experience of taking the marriage mobile. 

Q: (To Lee's wife) How did you like it out there on the road with Lee?

A: I loved it out there! I just came back at the beginning of August for work. We went through Springfield a few times and said hi to the people at truck driving school. I am so proud of him.  He was trucker of the month for June!

Lee Washington - USA Truck DriverQ: Lee, what was it like being able to have your spouse out there on the road with you?

A: It was great! One time we got laid over in San Antonio for the weekend. First we were going to go downtown instead of to Antonio, but I went to park my truck and there was a cop sitting there. I asked and she said “Sure, you can park here.” So we got changed for the bus, and as we came out I decided to go talk to the cop. I asked her if she could run us downtown and she did! We did a river walk and saw the Alamo, and it was real interesting. It was great, and that’s just one thing we did.

We were in Ohio another time and we were a ways away from Lake Erie. I looked at my truck GPS and decided to drive the truck up to Lake Erie. So we did that, looked around, and took some pictures. We’ve got a big lake in Texas, it’s called the Gulf but I figured I’d take the chance to go see another lake. My wife took a bunch of pictures and we posted them on Facebook – well, she did..LOL It was pretty fun though – we didn’t have to worry about kids and stuff so it was like we were tourists with a fuel card, driving all over the country. It was fun! Now that she’s off the truck I sure do miss her I love driving, myself… I love going to different places even if I’ve been through before. I’ve seen Pennsylvania during winter, spring, summer, and fall. It’s beautiful. I love it out here, but it’s not the same without my wife.

Q: How long was your wife able to stay out on the road with you?

A: 7 months.

Q: How did that work as far as getting clearance from USA Truck, etc?

A: After 30 days on your own truck, they just have to do a background check on the person riding. As long as they don’t have any felonies or warrants, they can go. Then it’s $7 a month for rider insurance. So she jumped right on and we went to town!

Q: How long have you been married?

A: Married, coming up on 6 years, but we’ve been together since ’97.

Q: How was sharing the small space?

A: She was a little sick at first. But we slept on a twin bed together a long time ago, so we were used to it. We also go camping a lot, so it was fine.  We're used to making it work in a small space.

Q: Any advice for a husband/wife team?

A: A happy wife makes a happy life. You have to put stuff out of the way. I do a lot of Bible reading (even though I’m probably the worst Christian in the world) and as they say, the husband has to love the wife as he loves himself. You have to love your wife like you love your children, and you have to show her that. That doesn’t mean be a punk! But keep yourself out of the way a lot of the time. If you do that, she’ll give you a lot more respect and she’ll do anything for you just about. Any woman can tell you love them. It’s like you’re a team, a real team. It worked out great for us. You have to give in and get out of the way though. Make her comfortable – make your significant other comfortable. It’s your lifestyle you picked. They didn’t pick this, they’re just along for the ride (literally). So do what you have to do to make them as comfortable as possible. That would be the advice I give.

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