You Won’t Believe It:  My Success With a CDL

Everybody wants to see success in a career. But success means different things to different people. For some, success is measured financially. For others, success is advancing in a career or something as simple as having rewarding experiences and seeing new places.  There is no right or wrong answer.

After getting a CDL, people are able to accomplish all sorts of things. We took to the Driver Solutions Facebook page and asked what our fans have been able to do since attending CDL training and getting a CDL. We received some great answers, so we thought we’d take some time and highlight the best ones here.

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So without further ado, here are four success stories from truck drivers just like you.

Make Good Money & Support My Family

“I’ve found my place for now. I’m making good money and getting what I need from PAM so no need for change now. Offers come in from other companies but in the end there’s no need to change for the same thing.” – Chad Shelton

This is the most important one there is and probably the one that most everyone would consider the most uniform measurement of “success” in the industry.

Many pursue truck driving as a new career because they’re underemployed or stuck in dead-end jobs leading nowhere.  However, after landing a job in truck driving, many of these individuals can now feed mouths and pay their house payment. Items will always need to be delivered, so there will always be a demand for truck drivers, and thus, always money to be made in the industry.

Advance in the Industry

“I started driving in 1991, now I am a terminal safety manager.” – Kye Cox

Time and time again, we’ve discussed the advancement opportunities available in the trucking industry after getting some experience under your belt. It’s true – after getting a year or more of OTR driving experience in, doors begin to open for all kinds of new and exciting positions in the trucking industry. Job opportunities like local driver, fleet manager/dispatcher, and trucking school instructor all start to present themselves, and when a driver has a year or two of experience, they become a more qualified and sought after candidate for these types of positions. Kye Cox began driving trucks in 1991, progressed to truck driving school instructor, and now is currently working as a terminal safety manager!

Land a Local/Hourly Job

“Landed a good local job. I make local runs 5 days a week and home every night. Good money and great home time, but had to get that year experience in the books first.” – Don Dennard

“I have a great local job that pays hourly. Two-and-a-half years’ experience and a clean MVR got me the job.” – Michelle Bortner

Getting a local truck driving job is the goal many drivers have in mind when they begin a trucking career. As anyone in the industry knows, it’s nearly impossible to leap right into a local driving job without any previous OTR driving experience. After all, these are some of the industry’s most sought after positions. But once a driver gets a year or two under his belt, local and hourly job opportunities will begin to present themselves.

Travel All Over the Country

“I’ve been able to travel all over the country and see places I never would have seen.” – Pam Moody

There’s no denying that one of the major perks of a trucking career is the “paid travel” that drivers experience. Drivers experience beautiful scenery and locations that most people can only dream about, and it’s all part of their daily job duties! In what other career would someone be able to travel to the west coast one day, and be in Florida two days later?

Rewards of Truck Driving

Not only are drivers able to accomplish all kinds of cool things in a trucking career, but they also frequently report that the industry has its own personal rewards. A couple of these include…

Being able to help in dire situations. Truckers aren’t called Knights of the Road for no reason. Drivers have been known for helping people in emergency situations on the street – people who have flat tires, people who were in car accidents, and even recently, truck drivers were helping people caught in the chaotic Atlanta traffic by providing shelter and food to stranded motorists in their trucks.

Keeping the country moving. Truck driving can often be a thankless job, but many drivers take solace in the fact that without them, the country would practically shut down completely in a matter of days. Trucks deliver the goods that keep America running efficiently.

After getting a CDL license, the opportunities are seemingly endless. A driver can go any number of ways with his or her CDL, depending on their wants and goals.

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