The Power of Social Media in Trucking

One of the toughest parts about trucking is being away from family and friends.

For years, truckers had difficulties staying connected with loved ones while out on the road. While drivers were busy keeping America running by hauling freight across the country, they often had to miss out on important family events like birthdays, graduations, and more. Drivers were only maybe able to make a quick phone call at a truck stop to check in, but that was about it.

But, things are much different now...

Social Media in Trucking

Social media and trucking. At first, the two don't seem to go hand in hand.  Yet, when you really stop to think about media in trucking makes all the sense in the world. 

For many drivers, social media is actually the ideal channel to stay connected with friends and family.  And with the continuous advancement in technology and social media, it’s becoming easier than ever before. 

Check in when you travel to share your location with others.  Post photos from your adventures so friends can see what you're up to.  Have a live video chat with family right from your phone.  And that's just scratching the surface! 


With 1.65 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most popular way to connect with others on social media. From live chat and video, to posting pictures, sending messages, and more, Facebook continues to evolve. 

How We're Using Facebook
We use our main Driver Solutions Facebook page to share all the latest trucking news, driver success stories and answer your frequently asked questions.  And of course, you'll find us sharing stunning photos from the road along with incredibly inspiring videos. 

PAM Driver Mentor

Our Exclusive Facebook Group
Driver Solutions has also done something unique to the trucking industry: we’ve recently created a Facebook group for our future students, current students and experienced drivers.  The group's vision is to connect newbies with classmates and experienced truckers in a positive, helpful environment.


Twitter is a micro-blogging service that gives you 140 characters to share your in the moment thoughts using words, photos, or video. Twitter is a great way for drivers to get the latest on trending topics, world news, traffic stops/delays, weather alerts, and more.

How We're Using Twitter

On our Trucking School Twitter account, we share inspirational quotes, news alerts, truck driving job opportunities and engage with our followers by asking questions about life on the road. 


Instagram recently surpassed Twitter in the amount of users it has, having just reached the 400 million mark. Instagram is a photo-driven social media site.

You can get creative by adding filters to your photos, and like other social media sites, a good way for you to connect is through the use of hashtags (i.e. #trucking) in your captions. Hashtags help to categorize photos.

Instagram is an ideal venue for you to share photos from the road with friends and family. 

How We're Using Instagram

On the Driver Solutions Instagram page, you'll find fabulous photos, cool trucker stories, quick tips for life on the road and funny memes.  Take a look...

Other Apps   

There are plenty of other applications that allow you to stay connected with others while on the road. Remember Chad Shelton, a Driver Mentor with PAM Transport? Chad started with PAM over 5 years ago, and recently reached his 100th Trainee Milestone.

He uses various mobile and social applications that allow him to keep up with his family at home, check in on his kids’ grades, assignments, and more, so that he doesn’t miss a beat!

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