Showers & Truck Driver Pay During OTR Training

Rambling Jon had some questions for me after reading my posts.  I'll jump right in and answer those today!

Rambling Jon wrote:

Hi. Great blog. Just read all your posts. Did you keep a blog when you went to school? Can you discuss the financial side of things? How are you paid? Are you spending money in unexpected ways? How are the showers?

Thanks. Nice photos too.

My Response:

Hey Rambling Jon! Thank you for the kind words about the blog. Here are some of the answers:

  1. I did not keep a blog during trucking school. That would have been a cool idea, but unfortunately we hadn't come up with the idea yet.
  2. On the financial side of things: I was able to get help through Driver Solutions company paid CDL training program to help me go to truck driving school for USA Truck.  Both Driver Solutions and the truck driving school were fantastic helping me through all the paperwork and contracts which came along with the dollar help. I also had to sign a one year contract with USA Truck.
  3. I get paid a weekly salary from USA Truck until I get done with OTR training. When I get done with training I will be paid by the mile.
  4. I have not spent too much money over and beyond what the school and USA Truck had told us about. Most of my monies going out has to do with buying food. Before I went out, I did have to buy the essentials; toiletries, sleeping bag, flash light, etc. You are living in your cab, so there shouldn't be to much of an expense.
  5. Showers are GREAT! Just got out of a shower here in Texas at a Pilot. Most of the larger truck stops go out of there way to make sure their showers are well kept, and they are! Please beware of the smaller truck stops though. I stayed at a very small place outside of Texarkana and I wouldn't have taken a shower in that one! LOL But as I mentioned, the larger trucks stops are great and they have impressed me a lot on how clean they are.

Hope this helps! Take Care Wayne

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