“Shot Gun” Bill Berry - a True Truck Driving Man

Shot Gun Bill Berry

All my life I can remember my Dad working. You see he is the greatest trucker I know. He got his CB handle "Shot Gun" because one time he was hunting and shot his right hand middle finger off...then "Shot Gun" was born. Later what was left of the buckshot had to come out. During the surgery we almost lost him. Dad worked so many hours that when he would come home from a sleeper run...I would say here comes the man with the suit case mommy. My dad always came home and told us stories of the road during our dinner together. He made it sound so exciting and he knew every truck and rest stop when we ever went of vacation. I can still remember dad working on his log book at the kitchen table and mom filling up his thermos full of BLACK coffee and getting him ready to go out. Whenever we went to family gathering i.e. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, he was always ready for the dispatcher to call with a run.

Dad was also a farmer. He would come in from a run and go straight out to the barn or field. One day while working for an "old" friend Dad's left hand was caught in a corn picker. My Dad had to drive himself to the hospital. Dad lost all 4 fingers on that hand. Do you think that he quit "NO" not Bill Berry! Everyone thought his trucking days were over. But Dad fought to be able to drive again and he did. In 1984 McLean Trucking Co closed their gates...Dad pulled in and the gate was locked. And this was on his birthday I kid you not! It was hard times then, I graduated, my sister got married, and no paycheck for Dad. I remember one night I found him sitting in his living room chair just staring and thinking in the dark. You would think that he would just give up..."Not" Bill Berry! He was able to work for some trucking companies...even Maple Hurst... the funniest part of that was my older sister always joked at me saying I was the Milk man's daughter...then Dad really became the Milk man.

When he finally decided to stop trucking, well you just can't get trucking out of your blood. Grandpa Berry was a trucker, my brothers are truckers and my husband drives a truck. Like I said you can get the trucker out of your blood. Dad has "retired" since then and I can see that he misses it at times. But with retirement he now drives a home on wheels. Going to Texas in the winter months with Sandy his wife and the "babies" dogs. As you can tell my Dad is one of my heroes. He has taken all the events and challenges in his life and successfully over come them all. "Shotgun" Bill Berry is the definition of a true truck driving man. Always going forward.

Name: Karen "Berry" Richardson