Sharing the Road with Trucks - Practice Patience

One key takeaway in driving safely around big trucks is this: patience. Impatience around a 40 ton vehicle sounds like a pretty bad idea to me, don't you think?

When sharing the road with semis, be predictable. This is one scenario where it's cool to be predictable! Don't be that aggressive driver weaving in and out of traffic and cutting in front of people (nobody likes those people anyway). Truck drivers maintain their safe driving reputation by gauging how others on the road are driving and predicting what they will do next. That person ahead that's driving 15 miles over the speed limit? It's probably pretty safe to say he'll make erratic lane changes, too.

Drivers in passenger vehicles often get annoyed that trucks aren't moving as quickly as they want them to, but they often forget (or are unaware of in the first place) that tractor trailers are usually governed at a pre-determined speed, often somewhere around 65 mph. It's physically impossible for them to drive any faster.

One last thing. Don't speed around a backing truck! I'm sure we sound like a broken record at this point, but speeding around a backing semi will put you in the truck driver's blind spot, increasing your chances of being in an accident. Trucks don't have rearview mirrors, so they're unaware you're back there. Just be patient and wait for the driver to complete his maneuver. He'll be grateful for your patience.

We all know patience is a virtue, but it's not something that should only be applied towards big trucks on the road! We could all stand to be a little more patient when we're driving. Do we really need to pass that ONE car to get to our exit .3 seconds earlier? Is that person who's driving 5 miles over the speed limit really going SO slow that we have to quickly zoom around and cut them off? Being more patient will keep everyone on the road a little safer.

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