How to Select The Right Truck Driving School

For anyone facing a career change which requires formal training program, such as truck driving school, selecting a good school with job placement assistance is critical.

Don't Just Find A Trucking School - Find A Job

It’s becoming a trend in this rough economy.  There are a lot of truck driving schools willing to train the unemployed or under employed workers. But these truck driving schools are experiencing huge problems with helping their students find jobs once they graduate with a CDL.  Just 18 months ago, truck driving jobs were easy to come by.  Nearly every trucking company was hiring truck drivers and it was easy to qualify.  Unfortunately, most of the trucking driving schools experienced a surge in enrollment as people flocked to careers with more job security.  But at the same time, the economy was slowing and so was the demand for freight services.  Trucking companies reacted swiftly by hiring less and less and tightened their qualifications.  With smaller trucking companies going bankrupt and owner operators squeezed out, suddenly the labor market was flush with experienced truck drivers and trucking companies were choosing experienced drivers over graduates of the local truck driving school. 

Yet, there are many slick truck driving school recruiters making claims of truck driver jobs paying $45,000 to $50,000 to entice people to enroll.  The reality is graduates who paid thousands of dollars for CDL training are discovering they can’t qualify for the available trucking jobs.  In fact, there is a trucking school in suburban Detroit MI that is facing the threat of a lawsuit from graduates that are unable to find a trucking job.  The school made its money by charging large tuition fees, so they aren't about to change their tactics.  It sort of sounds like those sub-prime mortgage lenders that have cost so many families to lose their homes. 

Choose A Company Sponsored CDL Training Program

If you are considering attending a truck driver training program, it’s recommended that you choose a company-sponsored CDL training program.  Driver Solutions offers a CDL training program that actually qualifies you for an entry-level truck driver job prior to beginning the company-paid CDL training program.  Driver Solutions has developed relationships with leading trucking companies that are currently hiring graduates of the Driver Solutions program

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