What Is The Best Satellite TV For Truck Drivers?

What type of options do truck drivers have when it comes to watching television on the go?  The bottom line is sometimes trying to stream shows via HULU or something similar while out on the road just doesnt cut it.  So how about satellite TV options?  If you've ever seen people tailgating at a sporting event or campsite then you know it can be done.  But what is the best satellite TV for truck drivers?

Once again, we've done some research on our end to help save you time and money.  Here's the breakdown on one of the best portable satellite TV systems from DISH Network.

Name: Dish Network VQ2500 Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna

Satellite TV Details:

  • Fully automatic portable satellite dish that can be used with a 211k/211/411 receiver when pointed to Western Arc satellites.
  • Weighs just 10 lbs for easy transport
  • Window mount and cab mount options make ideal for truck drivers
  • Supports both high definition HD and standard definition SD programming from DISH Network
  • Uses a constant feed from 3 different satellites for optimal viewing experience
  • Includes a security bracket and anti-theft lockdown option to keep it safe


The DISH Network Tailgater portable satellite system needs just 20 watts of power to operate and based upon user reviews it takes just a couple of seconds to switch between each channel before getting a continuous signal.  The other nice thing about this satellite TV for truck drivers is the fact that since you own the equipment, you are not paying a monthly fee unless it's getting used.  Service can be discontinued and resumed from month to month without any type of penalty. 

For truck drivers, something like this Tailgater Portable Satellite TV system will help make the cab of a truck seem more like home.  With a clear view of the southern sky, truck drivers can get a signal from anywhere they may be parked and instantly have access to hudreds of TV and radio channels.

Read Tailgater Reviews from RVers and other travelers...

By hansonz on Amazon.com:

"After reading the reviews of the Tailgater I admit that I had concerns. I was looking for something for my travel trailer and already had a Dish Network account so I decided to give it a try. However, I called Dish Network and talked with them about the pros and cons of the system. The basics were: it would cost 7 dollars per month to keep it on all the time or turn it on and off as needed and only pay a fraction of the 7.00. Also, if you let them know where you are, they will beam you the local channels. I ordered one

When I received the system, I went straight to the travel trailer and set it up. I had not yet called to turn on the receiver but it found the sats within 3 minutes and immediately downloaded updated firmware (mind you I have not yet activated the receiver). I then called Dish and they authorized the receiver and Viola! Simple enough. Called several days later and asked them to turn it off....they did. All very simple.

The ONLY thing I do not like about the system is the loops to lock the dish down for security. They are thin plastic. I fixed this by looping a cable through the opening of the base and handle. I also wish the receiver were smaller, but that is just a preference.

The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with this system. I don't know what others are doing to cause problems noted on their reviews, but it couldn't be easier to set up and operate. It's about as worry free as you can get. Buy one!

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bamagator on Amazon writes:

"We are current dish subscribers and sports fans. We also love to get out in our travel trailer. We had discussed purchasing some type of antenna to take with us. I then discovered the Tailgater on Dish networks web site. We used it the first time a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it a lot. We had some thunderstorms the weekend we were out and only lost our signal during the heaviest of cloud cover. Of course placemnt of the Tailgater is important and a clear view of the south is necessary to receive all sat signals. We were surrounded by very large pines at Wind Creek State Park in Alabama and were still able to get most of the signals. We got 110 and 119 all of the time. Sat 129 is a little more to the southwest and was harder to find. This was purely due to location and had nothing to do with the ability of the antenna receive signals. I had set it up in my back yard prior to heading to the park and received all of the sats just fine. My only complaint, as stated by another reviewer are the security loops. They are very fragile and one of mine broke. A cable (available at most home imporvement or hardware stores) looped through the handle worked just fine though. Also, you can pick the unit up when you are going to be away from your site for a long time and put it in your camper or even the trunk or your care. All in All it is a great product and I believe a great imporvemnt over the higher priced products and the manual alignment products. I highly recommend it."

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