Salute Your Veteran Truck Drivers This Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

For many of us, it's synonymous with no work, the beginning of summer, and a day full of beer, barbecues, and bonfires. While these are nice perks that accompany Memorial Day, we must remember to appreciate the holiday for what it's really about - paying tribute to those veterans, fallen or not, past or present, who have protected our country and fought for our freedom.

This day and age, many of these retired veterans are turning to careers in the trucking industry. This is largely because their work ethic, dedication, and discipline make them highly sought after candidates for driving positions. And because of the training they've already received during their military service, trucking companies know they can follow orders, read maps, and keep records - all very important duties of good truck driver. U.S. veterans make dependable and reliable truck drivers because of their similar experiences in the military.  They are able to easily adapt to being away from home for extend periods of time and working long hours.  Many even have experience driving military vehicles which gives them an advantage during CDL training

These men and women helped protect our country with their service. Now, they're working hard to help keep its economy running smoothly by delivering goods across the United States.

These men and women bravely served our country. Now, they are delivering shipments of delicious beer, hamburger buns, and potato salad so that you can have a great Memorial Day cookout. This Memorial Day, make a toast, have a drink in honor of them, and be thankful for the hard-working veterans of past and present that make this country a great place to live, whether it be through their military service or their dedication as a truck driver.

Cheers to you, veteran truck drivers!