Professional Truck Driver Earns TCA Highway Angel Award

The Truckload Carriers Association recently added a new Angel to their list -- Robert Woolf, a driver for Con-way Truckload.

Robert's Story

Early in the morning last November, Woolf was driving along I90 near Syracuse, NY when a passenger vehicle passed him and quickly veered off the road and into the guardrail. He watched the car scrape across the guardrail for a while until it traveled across the median, bounced off the other guard rail, and traveled back over the median. Woolf stopped, called 911, grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran over to the man. He remembered a lesson learned during CDL training -- keep accident victims still to avoid potential spinal injuries. Woolf made a makeshift brace to support the man's neck and waited for paramedics to arrive. Robert was awarded with a Highway Angel pin, certificate, and patch, and his trucking company, Con-way, received a certificate acknowledging that one of their drivers received the award.

What is a Highway Angel?

The Highway Angel award is given to a truck driver who performs some kind of "good deed" out on the road, whether it be assisting someone with a flat tire or helping someone involved in a traffic accident.

The Highway Angel program is a great initiative that seeks to improve the public image of our nation's truck drivers. It helps drivers to feel better about themselves and creates a sense of moral and comaraderie among the trucking industry.

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