Reducing Our “Carbon Footprint” - How Driver Solutions Helps Earth

It's Earth Day and many seem to be talking about things they've done to reduce their "carbon footprint."  We thought we'd share a few changes we've made around the Driver Solutions office to help create a more efficient office and streamline the trucking job application process. 

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Our entire trucking job application process is electronic.  This means every application we receive comes via our website.  This has greatly allowed us to reduce the amount of paper we're using.
  • We've also created a "Driver Account."  Each applicant has their own personal login on our website to get all of the information needed to start school and answer any questions they might have about a trucking career.  This has also saved on paper as well as postage costs. 
  • Driver Solutions has partnered with eGears online CDL training to provide our students with CDL practice tests prior to beginning trucking school.  This saves paper as they no longer have to pick up a CDL manual.  It also reduces fuel needed for them to drive to the DMV to get a copy.
  • 2 years ago, we set up virtual servers to reduce the amount of servers we had on site.  We went from 14 different servers on site down to 2. This has created a huge reduction in power usage on site. 
  • We migrated all of our desktop PCs over to thin clients.  Thin clients are very energy effecient and have allowed us to consume less power at the office.

What have you done at your "workplace" to reduce your carbon footprint?  Share in the comments section below!