Ask Wayne:  Would You Recommend Driver Solutions & USA Truck?

Wayne Cragg was a driver for USA Truck during 2012-2013.  Below are his thoughts and experiences driving for the company during that time.  The views and opinions expressed below are his and not representative of those of Driver Solutions.  

In April of 2015, Driver Solutions and USA Truck mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership.  Driver Solutions remains committed to helping new drivers find the best truck driving job and CDL training opportunities available.  Learn more about our company-sponsored CDL training program here.

Justin Reynolds from Driver Solutions Facebook page asks:  I have a question I was thinking about driving and was wondering is Driver Solutions a good program and is USA truck a good company to drive for and how long are you usually on the road fo? because I have a wife and 2 children I want to drive so bad but would not like to leave my family for a month at a time.


Hi Justin,

Thank you for this question... I'm glad you asked it. Driver Solutions was great in getting me all set up with trucking school in Springfield and getting me approved for my loan for the CDL School. One thing you want to make sure you do is have all your ducks in a row with regards to any outstanding traffic tickets and other things that may be on your record. They do a thorough background check so you need to be aware of what might turn up.  Truck driver training in Springfield was beyond good. All the instructors were top notch and I really enjoyed the accelerated style of the class. It was a lot of hard work, but it sure did pay off quickly. I'm just wondering if one of their instructors can show me where the splitter is again! (inside joke)  USA Truck has been great as well! As a new driver, I've had some ups and downs, but I have gotten through them. They have worked really hard on getting drivers more miles and this is really nice for me.

I totally understand where you're coming from with the family part of your question. I'm a divorced father of 3 (all kids out of college or currently attending college). So I get that part. Right now I do not have a significant other (I keep saying I need to change that fast! LOL) so I don't have the family dynamic that you have. For this reason, I'm able to stay out on the road much longer than most might be. My home is the truck and I just keep on rolling down the road until I need a break. I will say this, USA Truck is committed to getting fathers and mothers time off from the truck in way less than a month. You get 1 day off per week you are driving. So for example, if you drive for 14 days then ask for 2 days home time. USA Truck will give it to you. Maybe not exactly the day you asked (maybe a day before, maybe a day later...this is trucking), but they will get you home for sure.

Right now, I'm planning on doing about a month and a half run then asking for 4 or 5 days off. I must add and I read this on a Driver Solutions Blog, please make sure you and your wife are on the same page (meaning both of you want you out on the road) before committing to a training and this career. This is a big commitment and it will take the both of you to make it work. I'm sure Driver Solutions can link to the blog I am talking about. It's really useful and has a lot of information that will help you and your family make the decision to be an OTR truck driver.

I hope this helps!


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