Should I Attend CDL Training? 3 Posts on the Trucking School Process

Over the last two weeks, we've been covering all things CDL. Last week we focused on the ins and outs of actually getting a commercial driver's license. This week, we switched gears and discussed CDL training programs -- why it's a good idea to attend one, how to pay for it, and how they help with finding a job. Here's a quick recap on everything you need to know about attending a CDL training program...

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose CDL Training

There are quite a few reasons why people decide to attend a CDL training program. Maybe it's the lack of upfront tuition fees that draws someone in. Maybe for another, it's simply that they want to meet industry friends and potential teammates. We share the top 10 reasons to choose CDL training in this blog post. Be sure to share YOUR reason for attending by voting in the poll!

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How Much for CDL Training & How Do I Pay for It?

After deciding to attend a CDL training program, the next question most ask themselves is, "How am I going to pay for this?" This is a common question and one that should definitely be taken into consideration. There are four common ways to pay for a trucking school -- we detail these and talk about the best option here.

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A CDL Without A Job Opportunity Is Like A Truck With A Flat Tire

Sure, it's possible to get a CDL without attending any sort of school or training program. But one thing to consider is the job opportunity after getting that CDL -- will there be one? We talk about the importance of having a job lined up before spending the time and money on getting a CDL.

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