Read Any Driver Solutions Scam Reports Lately?

Do you believe everything you read online?

While no company can be perfect, there are two sides to every story.  When it comes to online review sites, there are times when the company under attack doesn't even have the option to respond directly to the complaint or bad review.  In fact, we like to occasionally search "Driver Solutions scam" to check out the latest claims.  We have no problems with people making complaints about Driver Solutions.  We have to be accountable, but so does the person making the complaint as well as the website that publishes the complaint.  When given the opportunity, we want to make the situation right for all involved.

That's why we love using social media.   

Here at Driver Solutions, we use some of the bigger social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk directly with our students going through CDL training.  We're then able to stay in contact with them once they graduate and start a trucking career.  This makes it easy for us to stay updated on their progress and receive instant feedback. By using social media, we're able to directly address any concerns potential truck drivers have with the CDL training program very quickly.   

Just today, we received the following comment on our Driver Solutions Facebook Page:

I'm still on the fence with all the terrible reviews online from a dozen different websites.. anyone care to add to this? (note: we fixed a couple of spelling mistakes)


Now, this is a perfectly normal concern if you read Driver Solutions scam reports, complaints or other negative reviews.  The great thing about using Facebook is that we were able to quickly respond to Anthony.  Since we know there may be others out there still "on the fence" about CDL training or truck driving in general, we wanted to share our response to Anthony on the Driver Solutions blog as well. 

Here is how we responded:


Thank you for your message. Several of these negative reviews are out there for CDL training and trucking companies. It’s something the entire industry faces at some point and it’s not uncommon to be a little “on the fence.” Having been involved in the CDL training industry for over 24 years, we’ve come to find that most reviews are from those that don’t give the career or job a fair shot. Be careful judging a company or a career when you read just one side of the story. Many negative reviewers fail to disclose any blame they are responsible for. Like any new career, it’s not always easy at first. Some drivers choose to turn down loads, make late deliveries and approach truck driving with a negative attitude. These are typically the drivers that leave these negative reviews. Last year alone, we helped over 2,400 people start a new truck driving career. We’ve been able to stay in contact with a lot of these drivers long after training. And they all tell us one thing: just like any job, if you come into it with a positive attitude, don’t make excuses and do what you’re supposed to do (take loads and make on-time deliveries) you can be very successful.

We also encourage you to check out the Better Business Bureau. In addition to that, we’ve put together an entire section on our blog of real reviews from people that have been through our program and you can find those here.

We hope you find this info to be helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.


By using Anthony as an example, (with his permission, of course) we hope that we're able to reach some of our readers that may be in a similar situation.

Did you find this post to be helpful?  Is there anything we can do to help?  We can't promise we'll be able to fix the issue, but we will listen. 

Just let us know in the comments section below.