Preparing for the CDL Skills Test at Trucking School

Passing the CDL skills test is one of the most important parts of trucking school. 
Why?  Because it means you have progressed through the first 2 weeks and can see the light at the end of the tunnel - a CDL license and new trucking career.   

Today, we rejoin Matt from Lexington, Kentucky and Morry from Atlanta, Georgia.  They are both in their 3rd week of truck driver training and a lot has changed since the beginning of week 2.  If you remember in week 2, Matt and Morry were both still a little nervous and overwhelmed behind the wheel.  As you'll see in this video, they're now more confident in their skills and ready to get their CDL!

So how did they get to this point?

Practice.  They've both spent plenty of time on the range and out on the road.  They've worked on pre-trip inspections, four point brake checks, turns and backing.  By building up their experience, they're now more confident behind the wheel.

But the question still remains - will they pass the CDL test when it counts???